Sustainability Report 2017

With the ambition of being the greenest and cleanest air filtration company in the world, Camfil volunteers an annual Sustainability Report to highlight our sustainable initiatives. This begins our tenth year working with movements such as Camfil Cairing, an internal program aimed at achieving initiatives around the globe. The 2017 Sustainability Report covers initiatives and activities taken throughout the year.

Like the trees and plants of our Earth, Camfil has been helping people breathe cleaner air for more than half of a century. Because of this, we chose to symbolize the forests of our planet on the cover of the Sustainability Report with a picture of the Pont-Sainte-Maxence forest in northern France taken by one of our own employees.

Camfil has been a sustainable company from day one. We have a strong in-house culture of sustainability born and bred in the Nordic market that is embedded in everything we do globally today,” Anders Freyschuss, EVP Global Standardization and Sustainability, said. “Being sustainable gives us a competitive edge, but to us, it is a natural way of working that directly benefits our customers.”

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a major health issue becoming talked about more and more each day. Camfil is dedicated to giving advice to customers about choosing the most energy efficient filters and equipment to both help improve their IAQ as well as reduce energy use.

“Our market is steadily growing, and clean indoor air – whether for production, health or safe working conditions – is becoming a desired commodity, considering today’s knowledge of the dangers of indoor/outdoor air pollution and their link to disease and early mortality,” Camfil’s CEO and President, Alan O’Connell, said.

Within the report, articles cover all aspect of our sustainable initiatives including filters that save energy and protect health, smart technology that saves packaging, energy efficient oil mist collection, environmental impact, our Camfil Cairing code and more. Following the United Nations sustainable development goals, the articles focus on the key topics Good Health and Well-Being, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Responsible Consumption and Production.

“Our suppliers and customers demand proof of our sustainability and want to see that we are committed strongly to it and making progress,” O’Connell said. “With our industry track record, we know we are doing what is best for our customers and will continue to make their operations greener as their clean air provider of first choice.”

To read the whole report, please download it below.

Sustainability Report 2017
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